Of Magnets And Men


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
— Nikola Tesla

“A thousand years hence, the telephone and the motion picture camera may be obsolete, but the principle of the rotating magnetic field will remain a vital, living thing for all time to come.”
— Nikola Tesla

Tesla is the term for measuring 10,000 gauss of magnet power — designated in 1956 in honor of inventor Nikola Tesla who discovered the rotating magnetic field in 1882.

There are three places where most people might encounter a 1 Tesla magnet and a fourth that’s as exciting as unexpected.

The first is the MRI — magnetic resonance imagining — where a 1.5 T – 3.0 T magnet is stuffed inside the plumbing of one of those $300,000 monsters, where you slide into a tube and the magnetic waves are bounced off coils that allow the machine to photograph masses in your body.

The second would be in the eponymous $75,000 Tesla motor car created by the world’s richest man, and famous for its battery-powered engine, which initially used electro-magnetic power — or a piece of metal wrapped in wire so the current creates a magnet. Three years ago, Tesla engineers realized it was more cost effective to actually use an actual, high-powered magnet instead, setting off a price boom for the Chinese-controlled “rare earth” market for Neodymium. This ceramic material is found in small concentrations in ore that’s mined for mineral deposits, then extracted and usually encased in nickel or gold to protect the fragile magnet therein.

The third one might be the humble fishing magnet. This one, rated 1.5 T — for $45, including this smart emergency orange carrying case, hook and rope — can lift 1,100 pounds — not for catching fish, but for pulling up old metal scraps from the riverbed.

Now — what I’m about to tell you is wild but true. 

Take that fishing magnet (preferably before you dump it in a dirty river), remove the hook and it’s what the FDA would call — then regulate — as a medical device.

Yup, it’s true. Find a 1 T magnet on the human body.

An industrial magnet could save your life.

Too bad that the real story has been hidden — until now.

Read on for the first in this series on Hidden Health — based on a scientific manuscript thought lost to history and available for free below.  

Anecdotes are my living

Magnets are old technology. Despite Tesla’s “discovery” in 1886, Chinese have been using magnets for health for thousands of years.

The gist of that story is well known, but it’s the details, as in how they are passed on and known today about treating health with magnets that is what’s so new. Basically, everyone has been using the magnets wrong.

The two reasons here might be just that science is a little tricky, and it’s easy to believe the wrong thing because it sorta makes sense, too — and, that the bad guys like us not understanding magnets correctly because it hides their true and massive healing power.


1. Magnets is a $1bn business, but there’s a flaw.
2. How we know it all based on John Crane’s book
3. It says Diet, Accupressure, Magnet, Freq Machine.
4. Fourth is all about the machine.

1956, the tesla (T) was designated in honor of Nikola Tesla, who discovered the rotating magnetic field in 1882.

as the unit of measurement for magnetic flux density, or the strength of a magnetic field,

Nikola Tesla so loved the magnet that  is he ancients had it all figured out, they were tuned into the right frequency.

The Pyramid of Giza was no burial mausoleum for Cheops, but a giant electric frequency generator. Made of conductive limestone, with opposing channels of rushing water to generate an electrical charge, the exterior of its peak coated in gold, Giza was the great frequency transmitter of the ancient world. Thirty-three hertz or 33 vibrations per second. | The Egyptians manufactured perfect giant bowls that when flooded with water generated a frequency to separate the heavy water with bad minerals from the light water they used in religious sacraments. The water was charged the right frequency. They understood all of it. Frequency impacts the body. The Earth’s frequency is 7.83hz, the Schumann Resonance, rounded to 8 hz or eight cycles per second. The brain usually runs at 14hz to 40hz and that’s mostly the left brain which is the side that makes you logical and rational, but it’s the slowest part of the brain. Exposing your brain to 8 Hz activates both sides. That famous 90% that no one is using, lights up.  Exactly 111 hz flips the switch in your head from left to right brain, shutting off the prefrontal cortex, deactivating the language center, opening up the center to truly see. 111hz is the frequency at which the ancient tombs outside Stonehenge resonate. It’s the third eye. The ancients tuned their musical instruments to 432 hz; Stradivarius famously tuned his violin to 434hz to give it an edge. Today’s music, since 1917, and officially since 1938, is tuned to 440 hz; it’s totally off and that is on purpose. Music was made especially wrong, to keep us permanently on edge. Gregorian chants from the 11th Century gave those monks the lowest heart rates and blood pressure with the least need for sleep. Studying these tones, called the Solfeggio scale, and measuring the impact on human bodies, it has been found that: 396 Hz — Releases Fear 417 Hz — Eases and Initiates Change 528 Hz — Healing and DNA Repair 639 Hz — Heals Relationships 741 Hz — Creative Expression (or disarming your pineal gland, according to others) XXXXXXXXXX [let’s cut this one to make it easier] 852 Hz — Spiritual Homecoming “Healing and DNA Repair” is downplaying what 528 hz can really do — now it’s being called the “miracle frequency,” so common to nature that it’s the frequency of buzzing bees. Setting the middle C in a musical scale to 528 hz gives an A to 444 hz, musicians are healing their listeners instead of torturing them. Transposing these frequencies to chakras, you can see the ancient wisdom at work.


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